‘Over the Town’? If Only

Marc Chagall’s ‘Over the Town.’

Not All ‘Crazy’ Gets More Warmth than Cold

From James Ensor’s “The Drunkards”

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is a great show on a lot of levels, and it’s often lauded for its sensitive handling of someone with mental health issues. Though there’s so little TV fare offers that same quality, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” isn’t good just because of that. It’s a thoughtful show on more than a single level, and it’s funny. However, there is one aspect of it that’s sort of intrinsic to what helps Rebecca Bunch get through her struggles.  Continue reading “Not All ‘Crazy’ Gets More Warmth than Cold”

Spaceship as Life Raft

spaceship2publicdomainThat utopian future Star Trek is based on?  A lot of people are wistful for the kind of idealism it represents, but with all the hurdles to even a semblance of a utopia, it’s hard to think such a notion isn’t perhaps a bit too fluffy. Continue reading “Spaceship as Life Raft”

Reality and Not an Ounce of Stillness

Robert Spencer art

I don’t watch enough reality TV to think too much about it (even outside of a novel I wrote that explored it), but I recently found myself watching a bit and thinking about what I’ve never seen in the format. Continue reading “Reality and Not an Ounce of Stillness”

From ‘Star Wars’ Back to Earth: Legacies & ‘Nobodies’

Henri-Edmond Cross art

(Spoilers) I haven’t seen the new “Star Wars” yet, but I’ve let plot points be spoiled for me — things like Rey’s parents supposedly being “nobodies.” For some people, that’s disappointing. But I like the idea quite a lot — I suppose because legacies in fiction are often romanticized as being a far more noble thing than they are in the real world. Many of us would like to be part of a legacy, just to inherit “greatness” and its ensuing path. But mostly legacies are just an inheritance of privilege.

Continue reading “From ‘Star Wars’ Back to Earth: Legacies & ‘Nobodies’”

The Cold II: If It’s Something to be Proud of, Like It Yourself


People are busy and not always able to make time to read as much as they might like — which doesn’t always quite bode well for a blog post. There are always many that nobody ever reads, let alone likes. If you’re the author of a post that you put a bit of your heart into, and if likes mean something to you (they certainly don’t have to),  like it yourself. Continue reading “The Cold II: If It’s Something to be Proud of, Like It Yourself”