Christmas and Sparseness

Horace Pippin art

Christmas as it’s presented to us is very much an if-you’re-fortunate thing. Beyond any religious or consumerist connotations, I think Christmas can simply be about hope and good will. For some people, those things tend to not feel so omnipresent in their lives. If you’re struggling, Christmas can be sort of isolating — even as a holiday about hope and good will is as much (if not more so) for someone who’s struggling as anybody else. Continue reading “Christmas and Sparseness”


In Their Nicest Clothes

Their new haircut or hairdo doesn’t need much work. A few tussles and … there, good. Now there’s the outfit they have picked out — a nice suit, a dress, a kilt. Whatever it is, to them it’s the regalia of someone who is very much alive. Wearing these clothes, they walk purposefully around their house, their room, or if they’re lucky, their neighborhood — if only the porch — and there, they wait.

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